Tax Professionals

We are the investment advisory partner for tax professionals.

We are the investment advisory partner for tax professionals.

Team with our RIA to offer investment management and financial planning services to your clients.

Are you a tax professional who's considered offering investment management and financial planning to your clients? You can do so in many states without any licenses and no costs by partnering with our firm.

You're already providing financial advice to your clients, but may not be receiving all the compensation you deserve.  An affiliation with an established Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) such as our firm enables you to build an investment business that serves your existing clientele.

Some of the reasons to do so include:

  • Higher compensation than offered by broker/dealers
  • No licenses needed in many states
  • No fees or costs to you
  • Advanced Planning Departments to help with client cases
  • Professional asset management
  • Case design and presentation support
  • Unlimited product breadth
  • No compliance headaches
  • No broker/dealer needed (or keep your current b/d or change to a new b/d)
  • Three client service arrangements to choose from (be involved as much or little as you want)
  • Retain control of the financial planning process for your clients with online access to account holdings, statements, tax forms, cost basis, etc.
  • Extremely low investment costs for clients

Our firm is a RIA with clients throughout the United States, and we team with tax professionals just like you to benefit your clients.  In many cases, you've probably witnessed the consequences of poor investment advice from other advisors.  Instead, partner with a dedicated asset manager with access to skilled advanced planning departments to meet your clients' needs, while you remain in control of the relationship and guide the decision making.  No more referring those services out and the consequent loss of control.  Also, you'll now get paid to be your clients' advisor.

Call or email us today to explore how we can help you better serve your clients while increasing your income.