Cut My Costs

Our Proprietary Fund Replication can cut your portfolio’s investment costs dramatically by eliminating mutual fund expenses and generating securities lending interest.  Call 888-845-4141 or email us to find out how we can do it for you!

"Under plausible conditions, a person saving for retirement who chooses low-cost investments could have a standard of living throughout retirement more than 20% higher than that of a comparable investor in high-cost investments," wrote Dr. William Sharpe, Nobel Prize winner, Stanford professor, and the creator of the Sharpe Ratio.

Typical investment portfolios include the following costs, but our portfolios do things differently.

  • Investment Internal Expenses – Mutual funds charge expenses that you generally don’t see on your account statements.  Investopedia reports that the average equity mutual fund charges around 1.3% – 1.5% per year.  Our Fund Replication process greatly reduces this expense by using ETFs or eliminates it entirely through use of individual securities.
  • Trading Commissions – Sometimes referred to as “ticket charges,” these are costs charged by your brokerage firm (a.k.a. custodian) to place a trade in a stock, ETF or mutual fund.  They’re typically a flat fee ranging from $8 – $26, but we can use Charles Schwab where trades are typically free.
  • Broker’s Commissions – Some firms earn sales commissions for products they sell like mutual funds, annuities and alternative investments.  These can be as much as 5% – 7% in up-front or back-end sales charges.  Our firm is fee-only and never charges sales commissions.
  • Advisory Fee – This is the asset management fee charged by your adviser to manage your account and provide financial planning advice to you.  Our firm’s advisory fee schedule is extremely competitive (less than Charles Schwab and Fisher Investments).

If you currently have an account with a financial adviser, we may be able to reduce your total investment expenses by a significant amount.