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Open an Institutional Intelligent Portfolios Automated Account

Our automated advisory solution, Institutional Intelligent Portfolios*, will guide you through opening your account online, determining your risk profile and will match you with the appropriate portfolio for your account. It will then guide you through funding your account and, once received, the funds will automatically be invested in the low cost ETF (exchange traded funds) portfolio that corresponds with your risk profile.  We'll then manage that portfolio for you.

To open your account:

  1. Visit the link below
  2. Click on Get Started
  3. Enter our Advisor Program Key:  G8LN
  4. Hit Enter or click Continue

* Account minimum of $5,000

Open An Institutional Intelligent Account Online

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We'll open accounts with you over the phone, in-person or during an online meeting. Just call or email us, or schedule a time and date here.