Exciting New Free Planning App & Software

Exciting New Free Planning App & Software

| October 25, 2018

We're thrilled to announce we have a new financial planning technology that enables you to view your financial plan, including budgets, net worth and goal progress, in REAL TIME on all your devices!  AND IT'S FREE TO USE!

Just login, enter your data and link any accounts you want considered in the Plan.  A complete picture of your current and future financial status will come into focus and you can keep tabs on your progress via the website or your phone/tablet with our mobile App!

Check it out!

Keep tabs on your Plan's success, your budget, and your investments anytime via the Mobile App.

If you're already retired, look what we can do for you in determining the most tax efficient withdrawal strategies from your accounts.

To get started clarifying your financial picture, sign up via our webpage at:  https://www.rightcapital.com/sign-up?referral=2in_oGFmU-VhbXvp1ta6TQ&type=client

Then download the "RightCapital" app from the App store or Google Play store and login with the credentials you created when signing up.

Always know whether you're on track to achieve your goals with our free financial planning tools!