American Airlines Employees

C. Ryan Burnell, CFA
Chief Investment Officer

Our firm provides retirement guidance to employees of American Airlines.  We offer expertise regarding your company retirement plans and investment strategies that can potentially improve them.

The Power of Tax-Deferred Growth

You're probably well aware that saving money BEFORE paying taxes on it is a good idea, and that's why you've been contributing to your 401(k).  But a little reminder of the benefits can help motivate us to stay the course with our retirement savings.  Watch our short video on the power of tax-deferred growth.

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In-Service Withdrawals and Rollovers

Do you have questions about distributions or loans from your retirement plan?  Are you aware of the benefits of rolling over a portion of your 401(k) to an IRA?  Your American Airlines 401(k) allows you to rollover a portion of the account to an IRA while still employed with American.  We can provide insight into the reasons for doing so and address all your questions free of charge.

BrokerageLink and Professional Management of Your 401(k)

If you'd like expert investment management of your 401(k) assets, we can help you.  We're able to manage your portfolio while it remains in your 401(k).  Ask us about working together before you retire.


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