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Enjoy life today while we keep life on track for tomorrow!

You work hard at Home Depot to provide a good lifestyle for yourself and your family today, while also putting something away for tomorrow. Life's moments pass by pretty quickly. You'd rather spend time enjoying today's moments than worrying about managing your 401(k) savings for tomorrow. And that's how we can help. We'll keep your plan on track for the day you need it, while you spend your time enjoying the things you love.

Our firm provides retirement guidance and investment management to employees of Home Depot. We offer expertise regarding your company retirement plans and investment strategies that can potentially improve them. Knowing your 401(k) is being expertly managed to your risk tolerance and objectives provides you peace of mind while you're busy enjoying other things in life.

To enjoy the best retirement lifestyle and get the most out of retirement requires establishing a plan to achieve your desired goals and monitoring the plan as time passes. We design that plan with you and make the necessary portfolio adjustments along the way to keep you on target.

Professional Management of Your 401(k)

If you'd like expert investment management of your 401(k) assets, we can help you. We're able to manage your portfolio while it remains in your 401(k). Your Home Depot 401(k) allows you to open a Charles Schwab Personal Choice Retirement Account (PCRA) and our firm is a registered investment adviser contracted with Charles Schwab. We serve as the investment adviser on your PCRA account inside your 401(k). Our planning process keeps you informed that you're on track to reach your goals as the above example indicates.

We complete an investment risk questionnaire with you and manage your portfolio accordingly, while also employing advanced strategies to increase long term return potential. Would you like to find out your Risk Number? Take our brief Risk Questionnaire below to see how you score.

Ready to Open Your Schwab PCRA in Your Home Depot 401(k)?

Open Schwab PCRA

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